Six on Saturday (17 September 2022)

Last Saturday afternoon I surprised myself with some impetuous on the hoof spontaneous pruning. The Escallonia hedge that is shared with the neighbours on the right was given its second trim of the year and, in preparation for a possible new fence in the back garden, the rampant yet sweet smelling Jasmine was given a severe prune (keeping a wary eye out for the thorny stems of a climbing rose and Pyracantha that lurk within its depths). I’ll have to ask the neighbours on the left to tackle their side of the fence the next time I see them. It wasn’t the only spontaneous thing that happened last week, oh no. My wife and I decided to spend a few days in Newquay.

We’d never visited this surfing mecca before and first impressions as we exited the train station were a bit ‘oh heck, what have we done?’ However, once we’d discovered the older sections of the town, Fistral Beach, the coastal paths, Trenance Gardens, the crazy golf course and some nice places to eat, we decided it was actually alright. Anyway, I’ve garbled on for far too long. ‘Tis time for Six on Saturday.

1. And we start with Cylamen hederifolium. Acquired from my mother-in-law a number of years ago, it has spread all over the garden and has been flowering for a while now. The foliage has yet to make an appearance.

2.  The pygmy water lily that grows in the mini wildlife pond failed to flower last year. Back in the autumn I enlarged the pond slightly and heeding Fred’s advice, repotted the lily in some new aquatic compost. After a slightly slow start (presumably it has been focusing its energy on producing new roots) the dwarf water lily has begun to bloom. The leaves are also much larger and more prolific this year and proving very popular with the young frogs. Thanks Fred.

3. Growing nearby, a Crocosmia is still sporting a few blooms. I think this is George Davison.

4. And behind George is this Cosmos somethingorotherus, grown from seen earlier in the year and looking just as good from the back as it does from the front. It’s growing in a border that I always think of as rather shady (not usually the best spot for Cosmos) and I suspect it was plonked here in a “I’ve run out of space and patience so you’re going here and will just have to lump it” moment. It’s doing much better than some of those that were planted in far sunnier locations.

5. Next up, a Japanese anemone. They’ve struggled somewhat this summer but all the rain we’ve had of late has helped revive a few. I think this might be ‘Honorine Jobert,’ although I’m sure I planted ‘Wild Swan’ nearby.

6. And finally… Another Cosmos: ‘Brightness Mixed.’ This started flowering back at the end of June/beginning of July and has continued to flower ever since. Short and Marigold like, I think it may be my most favourite plant this summer.

They were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at Right, I’m off to Somerset Scythe School to do an ‘Introduction to Scything’ course. Wish me luck! Hopefully I’ll still have 10 toes when I return home this evening.


27 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (17 September 2022)

  1. Ooh scything brings back memories. My grandad had one and I would help him when he cut the road verges so that we could collect food for all his rabbits. He always gave me a lesson on safety as we set off with the scythe over his shoulder and a big sackcloth to collect it in.

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  2. Newquay looks heavenly in your photos, I can see why the surfers like it! Rather lovely photos of the cyclamen hederifolium too. I’m glad you mentioned Fred’s advice re the mini water lilly as mine has failed to flower this year – perhaps also not helped by the drought which meant that the water level in my tiny pond kept dropping and the fact that I didn’t plant the lily deep enough.

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    1. I had the same problem with the water level in the mini pond this summer, especially once the water butts were empty. I ended up filling a few buckets with tap water every so often and leaving them for a few days so that the chemicals could disperse (or that’s the theory) before emptying them into the pond.

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  3. Oh ! How glad I am to see your water lily blooming! Mine have been weak this summer but maybe the aquatic compost is getting poorer. I read that I should put pellets of dried blood in the pot next spring to give it energy. Will do !

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  4. I hope your toes survived the course yesterday. Meanwhile, what is that bird? Is it a Whinchat? We used to do a lot of birdwatching but very little since moving to the Cotswolds 20 years ago. Lovely cosmos, I must grow them again soon.

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  5. That Japanese anemone looks like ‘Wild Swan’ as it has a bluish back. The yellow Cosmos is lovely, did you grow it from seed? As for Newquay I haven’t visited that place since I was about 8 years old! And what I remember are glow worms. I have been close – West Pentire – and Mawgan Porth, but totally missed the town itself. Maybe somewhere to have a look at during the winter months.

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