Six on Saturday (24 September 2022): Farewell Summer

As an Astronomical Autumn chap I’ve had to face up to reality: summer is no more. While there’s still quite a bit going on in the garden there can be no ignoring the signs of the switching seasons. The sun is sitting lower in the sky and has been a bit dazzley of late. The car windows have been covered in condensation most mornings. It’s getting darker when the alarm clock goes off in the morning and it has been decidedly chilly at times, so chilly that I really need to do something about my first Six on Saturday…

1. A rather ancient indoor Pelargonium with sherbet lemon scented leaves got chopped back severely a number of months ago and I must have randomly shoved one of the discarded prunings into the pot with the dark leaved Dahlia ‘Dark Angels Mixed.’ I’d completely forgotten about it until recently when I noticed its vibrant green foliage contrasting nicely with that of the Dahlia. I really must dig it up, pot it on and bring it indoors before the first frost.

2. Another pleasant surprise: a flowering Abyssinian gladiolus. I’d given up on these, assuming I was only going to get foliage this year. I’m daring to hope some of the others will bloom soon. They’re nice and fragrant too.

3. While some plants are flowering for the first time, others are enjoying a late second flush of blooms. Rosa ‘nerf herder’ (far easier to remember than Rosa Flower Carpet Ruby ‘Noafeuer’ which I always have to look up) is blooming again. The camera sometimes struggles to cope with the full-on redness of this healthy standard Rose but it didn’t do too badly this time.

4. A plant that has pretty much flowered non-stop since the spring is this perennial Viola called ‘Etain.’ It was stuffed in a pot with the sweet peas, and while the sweet peas have long since gone over this super plant is still going strong.

5. A few weeks ago I was bemoaning my lack of Calendula success this summer. Well, I spoke too soon. A few others have appeared. What variety are they? Good question. I’ve no idea.

6. And finally… The Dahlias have done a lot better this year compared to 2021. Not well enough to convince me to acquire some additional varieties next spring but I’ll certainly attempt to overwinter my existing lot. Dahlia ‘Honka Fragile’ has become a firm favourite with flowers like little floral windmills (alas they don’t spin around in the wind).

And those crayon like markings at the centre are also rather lovely. Hmm, maybe I should try and take a few cuttings of this one next year if it survives the winter.

They were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at


21 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (24 September 2022): Farewell Summer

  1. Very nice the colour contrast of the leaves of the pelargonium and the dahlia! I’m also happy that you can take advantage of the Abyssinian gladiolus flowers because they are very pretty flowers and sweetly scented. This dahlia ‘Honka Fragile’ is quite reminiscent of a wind turbine, too bad it does not produce electricity at the moment

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  2. Both you and Fred have commented about the scent of Abyssinian gladiolus, but I can’t detect anything from mine! Still I am happy that they flowered this year and still are. As for Dahlias I have two very tiny flowers from seed I grew last year! I can only assume they have very tiny tubers…

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  3. Well, there are still some lovely blooms in your garden, and that last dahlia is a cracker. I haven’t tried Calendulas at all, but perhaps I might this summer, having seen how attractive yours are.

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  4. They all look lovely 🌸 I will have to look out for that gladioli. I’m always on the lookout for autumn flowering bulbs.

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  5. Don’t mention the dazzling sun to me! I was completely blinded for an instant when driving home on the Oxford ring road after our visit to Mr and Mrs Propagator on Friday! Fortunately, all the other drivers braked too and everyone went a bit slower until the sun wasn’t directly in front of us. 😲😎 Back in your garden, it’s not looking very autumnal yet, still pretty colours and healthy flowers.

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