Six on Saturday (1 October 2022)

Last November, towards the end of a particularly tedious bulb planting session, I decided I would seriously cut back on bulb purchases in 2022, figuring the whole point of bulbs was that they should come back each spring. Admittedly some would get accidently sliced when digging up this and that, and a few would inevitably vanish, never to be seen again. Yet surely there were enough already in the ground to provide ample colour for several years? Nope. I’d limit myself to just a few packets of tulips for the odd pot or two.

However, when I was in Wilko a few Saturdays ago, innocently shopping for bird food, I foolishly paused in front of the newly stocked bulb section. Before I knew what had happened I was making my way to a till with a bag of sunflower hearts for the birds and several bags of tulips, alliums, narcissi and irises, having decided it was madness to ignore such bargain bulbs, especially when they would probably be replaced by all things Halloweeny in a week or so. But that was it. There would no more dormant-spring-plants-in-modified-stem-form purchases. Oh no. It was merely a temporary wobble. A momentary lapse. A one-off thing… and so was the accidental online “oops-how-did-those-end-up-in-my-basket?” bargain bulk bulb purchases made last Sunday. Anyway, I think we should move swiftly on to today’s Six on Saturday selection.

1. And we start with a flowering Clematis montana. It got hacked right back to nothing in April so that the Storm Eunice damaged fence could be repaired. Annoyingly it had been on the cusp of flowering when it got the chop and I figured there would be no blooms this year. But lo! It’s almost as big now as it was this time last year and has already managed to escape into the neighbour’s Pyracantha and ivy.

2. Grown from a cutting taken from one of my mother-in-law’s Salvias a few years ago, this aromatic leaved beauty has been flowering for months. More Salvias may be added in 2023.

3. Scabious/Scabiosa/Scabiouses up next. I grow a batch from seed every spring, although some often survive a winter or two. They’re one of those plants that look good in bud, full flower and every stage in between.

4. Whilst a lot of the Japanese Anemones struggled with the lack of H2o over the summer, this Anemone hupehensis ‘Prinz Heinrich’ hasn’t faired too badly. It’s also the only variety in my garden that tends to spread.

5. Fuchsia ‘Delta’s Sarah’ was a new addition back in 2021. Growing in the same border as the Anemone, it’s looking a lot healthier than poor old ‘Army Nurse’. Frequent pinching out of the tips earlier in the year has helped create a fuller shrub.

6. And finally… a Cosmos and another of those rusty metal swallows that were purchased at the Taunton Flower Show in August. I can’t decide whether I should leave the swallows out over the winter or allow them to migrate to the more clement conditions of the shed. What do you think?

They were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at


25 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (1 October 2022)

  1. I have an unamed Anemone that looks very like your Prinz Heinrich, and spreads, oh how it spreads. Unpinched our ‘Delta’s Sarah’ gets 6-7ft on an arch. A house down the road had it up to the eaves, 15ft or more. Then she cut it down. It’s one of the best.

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  2. Seriously Graeme, have you no self-control at all?! You would never catch me …… hang on a minute, I’ve got that box full that need planting out and there are the few that fell into my basket in Tesco and ……… Carry on the good work! That salvia is a gorgeous colour. 🙂

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  3. I see that you have done well with your dahlia Delta’s Sarah, a very beautiful bloom here too this summer. ‘Prince Heinrich’ looks good this morning in your Six. Mine have already started losing the petals…

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      1. It’s a shame… I still managed this afternoon to find an open one with the petals. So it will probably be one of my next Six next week. (PS: I made a mistake , fuchsia Delta’s Sarah and not dahlia! (Ooh!))

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  4. I have always admired Scabiosa, and often wondered if they are easy to grow. I must see if I can source some seed! The Anemones are all beautiful, and I do like the Salvia you have! Salvias are the one easy care plant that seem to flourish in our conditions. The swallows are gorgeous! Perhaps they should migrate for winter and come back fresh and lovely in spring?

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  5. Your Delta Sarah is resplendent, and I have taken on Jim’s advice for next year, and your example of pinching. I cut my down completely a few weeks back as it has got tall and was suffering without water. I too joined Bulbaholics anonymous, and noticed that you too have relapsed.

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  6. Oh, dear, bulbaholics it is for you. I am desperately resisting temptation as the 25% offers come into my inbox and wondering whether I should unsubscribe from Sarah Raven for a while…‘Delta’s Sarah’ looks lovely and I am guessing from Jim’s comment that it is fully hardy? I haven’t got one in that colour combination so maybe, next year. Meanwhile I am gazing into my small box of spring bulbs and wondering 🤔

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    1. Resist! I got a reminder from Sarah Raven that some special offer or other ended soon and it certainly resulted in my second relapse – although I ended up buying mine from J Parker instead after finding quite a few of the same bulbs at a better price. Delta Sarah is a hardy one.


      1. Having bought bulbs, in particular tulips, from various online companies I must say that those from SR are usually the biggest. I’ve gone with Peter Nyssen this year, so the proof will be seen next spring.

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  7. I think they see you coming at Wilko and put the bulb/plant offers right in your way, then take bets on how many you will buy. 🤭🙄😲😉 Lovely Six-on-Saturday and I can’t wait until spring to see the results of your purchases. 🌺⚘🌹🌼

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