Six on Saturday (22 October 2022)

Last Saturday evening my wife and I booked a very last-minute break in Bath. Just the one night, heading up by train on Sunday morning and returning the following afternoon. Now when I first encountered Bath, many moons ago, I must admit I wasn’t that impressed, finding it all a bit yellow (something Mrs OMAHGT never fails to mention whenever we visit). Yet as I’ve grown older (and marginally wiser) I’ve come to embrace the whole Bath Stone thing and we tend to make a couple of daytrips to the city every year. However, this time we decided to make the most of the extra time a sleepover afforded, hopping onto a bus to explore a nearby garden gem. And that leads me to my first Six on Saturday…

1. The American Museum and Gardens in Claverton. One of the first collections I listed as a keen young archivist in Somerset over **coughs** years ago related to the Skrine family of Warleigh, Bathford. It included correspondence concerning the sale of Claverton Manor to Dr Dallas Pratt who established an American Museum there (you can read more about it here). However, it wasn’t until I happened to catch a programme following Pam Ayres around the Cotswolds last year that I became aware of the gardens. It was our first visit and definitely not our last.

2. Back to one’s more modest estate next. While the past few days have been pretty miserable weather-wise, we enjoyed the odd misty morn earlier in the week. The car was festooned with bedewed cobwebs, but they weren’t quite as photogenic as those on this Verbena bonariensis.

3. Fashionably late after a scorching summer, this Japanese Anemone ‘Whirlwind’ has been flowering for a few weeks now.

4. Oxalis somethingorotherus has begun blooming again. Fantastic flowers up close, although I’m less keen on the foliage during the summer as it tends to go rather sickly looking.

5. Now I’ve been meaning to feature this beauty for a while. Geum ‘Lemon Delight’ has been flowering off and on for months but seems to reach the peak of petalled perfection in the autumn (funnily enough it featured as an SoS this time last year). All my other Geums tend to flower just the once, early in the summer, but not this variety.

6. And finally… some more views of the gardens at the American Museum, just because it was such a perfect, sunny autumnal day.

They were my Six on Saturday, a meme originally started by The Propagator. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, head over to the blog of the current Six on Saturday caretaker, Jim.


40 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (22 October 2022)

  1. Well that’s a new one on me, I’ve been to Bath many many times and never even knew those gardens existed. It would have been lovely to escape the hoards! The geum is a beauty, I did wonder when I saw it “what still flowering?”, one for the list.

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  2. I haven’t checked my geums but yours are really nice! And what a beautiful oxalis photo…. I understand that it is less beautiful in the summer. Thank you for the link on the gardens that you visited.I will come back later to watch the videos

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  3. That Geum is looking quite special so late in the year. I would second the gardens at The American Museum, newly replanted during the recent past, it is quite spectacular. I see you have offered up some interesting links, so will be perusing these later in the week.

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  4. I visited the American Museum many years ago and thought it was wonderful. I loved the period interiors even the New Orleans bedroom (the highest of High Victorian interiors). I don’t recall anything of the gardens, but they do look great in your photos. The Geum is great. Good to know that later flowering varieties exist.

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  5. That garden looks good, if only Bath were doable from here in a day (if only anywhere was doable from here). Love the webs, I miss seeing webs in frost. And what a pretty Geum, perfect name it is very lemon and such a delight. My yellow one is flowering now too. Some of them have a long flowering period or flower several times in the year.

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    1. I think a lot of my other Geums have been swamped by other things this year which may explain their poor performance over the summer.

      I’m always surprised how long it takes to get from here (Taunton) to Cornwall, thinking we’re really close. Still, when I lived in Truro and used to head back home to North Wales it was a very long 7 hours on the train.

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  6. Frost on spider webs – no sign of frost here yet I’m glad to say. Talking of gardens not far from Bath – have you been to Iford Manor? Lovely garden – or it was when I visited some years ago – built by Harold Peto. Well worth a visit.

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  7. The gardens photos are spectacular! And a wander around the Cotswolds with Pam Ayres would be fun, I imagine. I wonder if we’ll ever see that here. Your Geum is lovely, nothing like Totally Tangerine which is rather brash, but does flower for ages ( and take over parts of the garden).

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  8. What’s a summer’s day? Oh yes, yesterday was sunny but it’s bucketing down here just now and doesn’t look as though it’s going to stop. 😡🌧 Anyway, mustn’t grumble. Those cobwebs are lovely, most of mine are around the car wing mirrors. The double/triple geum is very unusual, I haven’t seen that before.

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  9. I’ve visited the American Museum several times over the years but haven’t visited the gardens. That needs rectifying. I ditched my two Geums this year as they have flowered so briefly since I planted them. I could be tempted by ‘Lemon Delight’ though.

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  10. Beautiful photos as usual. 🌸🦋 Lovely to read about your trip to yellow Bath! Your yellow geum is a very pretty shade of 💛 too!

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