Six on Saturday (29 October 2022)

It has been unseasonably mild of late; positively balmy at times when the sun has shone. However, the clocks go back tonight and it’ll soon be November. Hardly a sensible time for my first Six on Saturday to think about blooming and yet here it is…

1. … a Delphinium requienii, on the cusp of flowerhood. I read about these in an SoS at the beginning of the year and decided to give them a go. Unlike regular Delphinums, which I never have much luck with, it’s glossy of leaf and slug resistant. I assumed it would bloom next summer (it’s classed as a biennial on a lot of websites) but these seem keen to give it a go now. I just hope the buds open before the first of the frosts.

2. Some plants have flowered all summer long, including Erysimum ‘Apricot Twist.’ Planted in the spring, I wasn’t sure about it initially, preferring the Siberian Wallflower, but I’m now a big fan. It also goes rather nicely with the blue shed.

3. The Zinnias growing in the south facing front garden have done really well this year, especially Zinnia ‘Jazzy Mixture.’ It’s featured quite a bit in my SoS’s over the past few months.

4. Another fantastically floriferous plant (adorned with a sleepy bee in this photo) is Alyssum which has formed a soft white blanket of honey-scented flowers in the patio border.

5. Now I must confess I’ve always been a bit anti-Mahonia. The flowers are lovely and fragrant, but I find the spikey leaves a bit strange proportion-wise for some reason. Mahonia ‘Soft Caress’ won me over though with its pleasingly ferny and perfectly proportioned foliage. It’s just a pity the flowers (which are very popular with wasps, bees and ants) aren’t fragrant. Ah well.

6. And finally… a Chocolate Cosmos. Now in its second year, it struggled a bit during the heatwave and has only produced a few flowers. In the not too distant future it will get dug up and overwintered in the mini greenhouse.

They were my Six on Saturday, a meme originally started by The Propagator. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, head over to the blog of the current Six on Saturday host, Jim.


29 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (29 October 2022)

  1. Mahonias are valued winter shrubs here and there is a splattering of them around the garden, including ‘Soft Caress’. Great plants! We have had the mild weather also – central heating put on only on a very few evenings to date.

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  2. Your Zinnias are spectacular. I didn’t bother this year, they need too much mollycoddling. I always thought that mahonia was scented? Honey/lemon? And I agree with the others the photos are lovely this week, but then they always are. Erysimum ‘Apricot Twist’ has some lovely shades, I really need a bigger garden!

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    1. Thank you. I struggled to take anything in focus this week – there were many outtakes! I thought all Mahonias were scented too – it’s the only disappointing aspect of Soft Caress so far. Walking into town this morning there was a delicious fragrance that turned out to be the tiny flowers of an Eleagnus hedge. I always long for a bigger garden.


  3. I too hope the Delphinium flowers before the frost arrives. I can wait to see it! My alyssum has died back, thanks to a couple of scorcher days last week. The native stingless bees love the flowers. The Erysimum is a gorgeous colour. I’m yet another admiring your photos! They are great.

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  4. I feel like I’ve made a note before to try Delphinium requienii against my slimy hordes; it’s pointless me making notes, I only forget where I put them. Your mention of Chocolate Cosmos has reminded me to go check on my Cosmos peucedanifolius, which will need similar treatment. I lost Cosmos atrosanguineus and must get another.

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  5. The Mahonia is an interesting plant and got me thinking about bees. Wehre do bees go in winter?

    So I’m scrolling down reading the rest of your content whe n I read the heading Is Frequent Urination Keeping you up at night …. I has one of thos wt* moments until I realised it was sponsored content LoL

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    1. Ha! WordPress keeps pushing me to sign up and pay for an ad-free version. I wonder what other embarrassing issue adverts they’re putting on there?!

      I’m not sure about the bees now you mention it. I know the queens hibernate but as for the workers, I’m not sure.


  6. Beautiful Photos ❤ I always amazes me that we can have gardens from different reaches of the world and have similar garden plants in them. I Bought a very similar apricot wallflower from a nursery discount trolley and I find it very charming doing its thing in winter/spring.

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