Six on Saturday (12 November 2022)

After spending most of last weekend preparing the garden for Operation New Fence (which commenced on Thursday), I was looking forward to doing absolutely nothing this weekend. However, it looks like the fence will be completed this morning and in theory that means stuff will have to be moved back to its usual position, including the mini-greenhouse (minus the spiders this time). Unfortunately, once that’s all done I’ll have absolutely no excuse not to start the joyous task of bulb planting… unless it rains. Anyway, another brisk Six on Saturday…

1. And we start with a Viburnum (possibly farreri). Grown from a cutting my wife took of a plant in our old rented house over 10 years ago, this is the best it has ever been flower-wise. Lovely and fragrant too.

2. Growing nearby is another fragrant plant, Sarcococca somethingorotherus (a dwarf variety I think). Although it’ll be a few months yet until bloomage, the flower buds are already forming.

3. The other week I took photographs of packets of bulbs figuring they’ll come in handy for future SoS’s when I’m struggling to find anything of interest. This week: Allium ‘Cameleon,’ which allegedly tolerates shade.

4. Talking of shade, this Zinnia (one of the ‘Jazzy Mixture’) isn’t getting much sun now, growing in the increasingly shady north facing back garden. However, it’s still producing the odd flower.

5. Holey Rhubarb… Batman.

6. And finally… The Calendula were rather slow to get going this year but appear to be making up for lost time. ‘Snow Princess’ has featured before and could well feature again.

They were my Six on Saturday, a meme originally started by The Propagator. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, head over to the blog of the current Six on Saturday host, Jim


30 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (12 November 2022)

  1. I like the look of that allium, would be good if that worked out. I’ll watch and wait. Which sounds creepy but isn’t, honest. I am converted to zinnia now, possibly due to your influence, they just don’t know when to stop. Hope you get a little bit of relaxation this weekend. New fence sounds good, all go to plan?

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    1. Mostly. They’re still at it. The Jasmine (which it seems started life on the neighbour’s side) caused a few issues (I thought it might) and the neighbour’s raised bed on the other side was beginning to come apart, but the fence chap and his son-in-laws have dug up the Jasmine (although I suspect a few bits are still lurking, biding their time), repaired the neighbour’s raised bed are doing a great job.


  2. I think I’ve got the same Viburnum and the scent has been incredible this year, I was thinking that it could be because temperatures are so much warmer, the scent hangs in the air and seems so much more potent. I’ve yet to come across a gardener who actually likes planting bulbs…good luck with that and hope the new fence meets expectations.

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    1. Thanks. The fence is looking good and almost finished I think. They just need to adjust a few patio flag stones to get them to fit again. You weren’t kidding about the list of plant names we have to learn in the RHS garden design bit. It’s horrendous! I’m trying to use those in my garden in the hope I have a fighting chance.

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      1. It is horrendous, isn’t it? I can only take so much at a time, so have taken quite a long break now, and really need to get back to it and start learning names – groan! Have you started R2112 yet, which has even more plants to learn?!


  3. A good idea to photograph our purchases of spring bulbs from time to time to add to the Six… I should have done the same πŸ˜‚! My rhubarb has been underground for many weeks, I’m surprised to see yours still with leaves?! Are you still eating it?

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  4. Sarcococca is another of those plants that bit the dust here. And it has such an amazing scent! Good news about the fence. I need someone to do a few fence repairs for me although I think the fence in question probably is my neighbour’s property. A lot of the wood is rotting. Those little allium bulbs (and they are tiny) do pack quite a punch. I have them in a pot.

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    1. I started tidying up the garden this afternoon, trying to rediscover the edges of paths and moving the soil away from the new fence panels (partly my doing with annual mulching but partly down to the excavated spoil for the new posts I think) – it was a struggle working out where to redistribute it and I think I may have to raise the brick edging to hold everything back. A pity about the Sarcococca – I think my mum had issues with them too.


  5. Beautiful photos Graeme – the viburnum, zinnia and calendula are captured beautifully. For once I have no bulbs to plant as I haven’t got round to ordering any. I know I’ll wish I had come spring…

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  6. Snow Princess is looking beautiful. She puts on a rather lack lustre show here. Well thought of re the bulb photos – keep them coming. That’s a new variety to me so I look forward to seeing what they turn out like.
    I did say on my blog that I’d finished the bulb planting which was something of a lie as I’ve since been and ordered some half price tulips. Good luck with getting all yours in the ground/pots.

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  7. Thanks so that. There is always something interesting to look at in the garden, even a holey rhubarb has its charms. I have some iceberg lettuce growing and it looks so leafily attractive I may feature it in future posts!

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  8. Love that Zinnia – it’s gone on my list. Oh – these jobs like your fence just trail on and on, don’t they? Still hoping you are out the other side now! How lovely to have a V. farreri from a previous house – was it a hardwood cutting she took? Lovely six – thanks for sharing.

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