Six on Saturday (10 December 2022)

Finally, some frost. In fact it got down to -5 degrees Celsius one night. The Zinnias and Cosmos are no more, which is how it should be really, and the car has needed de-icing the past few mornings. Alas, there are no frosted foliage photos in today’s Six on Saturday (at this time of year most of my SoSs are taken the preceding Saturday or Sunday as it’s too dark to snap this and that during the working week). Perhaps next Saturday. Today you’ll have to make do with a selection of mostly brown and crispy, the odd splash of colour and some rusty metalwork.

1. And we start with a pot of summer bulbs that I didn’t get around to planting out in a border: Allium ‘Millennium.’ There’s something very pleasing about Allium skeletons.

2. Lamium maculatum ‘White Nancy’ is still brightening a shady corner of the garden and possibly plotting a spot of world domination.

3. More brown and crispy up next. The yellow Aquilegia grown from seed a number of years ago has yet to produce any offspring. I’ve left the seedheads this year but forgot to harvest any. Fingers are crossed a few seedlings appear and that they turn out to be vaguely similar to the original plant colour-wise.

4. It’s getting very tricky to find anything pleasingly petalesque in the garden at the moment. This Cyclamen featured the other month but has produced even more flowers of late.

5. Over the years a number of metal garden ornaments have been added to the garden. Back in December 2021 these rusty metal ferns were purchased at a riverside shop in Exeter.

6. And finally… The leaves of the Cotoneaster horizontalis have turned all red and fiery. Moved last month, it’s been nice to see it in a more prominent position in the garden.

They were my Six on Saturday, a meme originally started by The Propagator. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, head over to the blog of the current Six on Saturday host, Jim.


25 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (10 December 2022)

  1. Brown and crispy is good, Graeme, a nice sculptural touch to go with your fern sculptures. I’m pleased your cotoneaster made the change with no adverse reactions.

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  2. I have the pink version of your Lamium, a useful little plant and quite easy to keep it under control when you need to. Yeah I too like your rusty fern sculptures, I shall have to practice my arm wrestling to get them off my ‘sis’ when she inherits them!

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  3. Your cotoneaster looks very happy after its move and what a lovely colour it now is. Love your fern sculptures. We have had temperatures down to -5 C which is unusual for us in devon, but this morning we had snow!

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  4. The fern sculptures are lovely. I have some in mind for a future gift to myself – meanwhile I bought some rain catchers for the garden as a xmas present. They’ll go in and around the grasses once I replant the Bee and Butterfly beds next spring. Cold here too, but not below zero so far and some sleet and hail. Keep warm!

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      1. We have oil heating, underfloor, so once it goes on it stays on. Just have to suck up the cost like with filling up the car. But eating out has become a luxury.


  5. I’m another one admiring the fern sculptures. You’ve done well to find Six things at the moment. Glad to hear that the lamium is going for World Domination – sounds like a plant for the inhospitable dry and shady woodland.

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