Six on Saturday (24 December 2022)

A brisk Christmas Eve Six on Saturday before I head off to North Wales…

1. First up, Euonymus japonicus ‘Bravo’ doing its all year round variegated evergreeny thing.

2. Clematis ‘Freckles’ is still adding some interest, this time with fluffy, tassel-like seedheads.

3. Another variegated evergreen up next. A new addition to the garden in spring, the Photinia × fraseri ‘Louise’ tree is sporting new, bright red buds. I was always a bit anti-Photinia (I don’t really know why) but so far so good, I think.

4. Every summer I intend to chop a few stems of Honesty to dry indoors for a display of pristine silvery paper disks but never do. I tried it this year and ended up with sticky, aphid infested green seed pods that were thrown out after a few weeks. I’ll have to make do with these slightly battered lot outdoors instead.

5. The Cotoneaster that featured a few weeks ago is now bare of leaf but still sporting most of its berries. It looks rather festive but not as festive as my last SoS…

6. A new decoration has been added to the artificial Christmas Tree. Meet Little Sausage Dog who has joined a rather varied collection of festive ornaments, some of which featured this time last year.

They were my Six on Saturday, a meme originally started by The Propagator. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, head over to the blog of the current Six on Saturday host, Jim. Right, I’d better be going. Happy Christmas everyone.


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