Six on Saturday (11 March 2023)

Well that was a fun week. As a Meteorological spring kind of guy it’s been rather tricky trying to ignore the wintry conditions out there and pretend spring has properly sprung. And that leads me swiftly to my first Six on Saturday…

1. Snow. Not a lot, although you don’t need much for things to grind to a halt these days (but I’ll spare you a “now when I was a lad” lecture). This photo was taken first thing Wednesday morning. Some more fell later but it had pretty much cleared by the end of the day. Compared to what they had up north later in the week this was but a very light dusting.

2. Last week I showed off a new Hellebore. Another one has arrived. Behold ‘Single primrose shades.’ In my defense I was ordering a white and red variety as a Mother’s Day gift for my mum and I’m rather baffled how this late winter/early spring nodding flowering beauty ended up on my doorstep. This is definitely the last plant purchase of the year. Well, the last online plant purchase anyway. Alas, one stem got snapped off in the snow; it’s now adding some indoor cheer.

3. Last summer my Roses were a bit of a failure. Some went to look decidedly ropey and flowers were few and far between. Fingers crossed they do better this year. ‘Chandos Beauty’ got moved to a new spot back in November and is sporting lots of fresh new foliage.

4. Now I’ve been umming and ahing about getting an outdoor clock for a while now. After scratching my watch on some terracotta pots the other year, I tend to remove it before doing any gardening these days to avoid any further damage. As a consequence I often loose track of the time, which isn’t good if I’ve been left in charge of getting the tea ready. Tucked out of the way in the newly refreshed seating area, I now have an outdoor (hopefully weatherproof) timepiece to refer to.

5. Pulmonaria ‘Blue Ensign,’ growing in a shady spot near the conservatory, has begun to flower. I think I’ve spotted a flower on ‘Sissinghurst White’ but have yet to venture deep into the border to investigate.

6. And finally… a Narcissus, possibly ‘Martinette.’ It’s had to be propped up a little after taking a bashing from the wind on Friday morning. As I type this I’ve just realised I forgot to check out whether it’s fragrant. I’ll have to remedy that later.

They were my Six on Saturday, a meme originally started by The Propagator. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, head over to the blog of the current Six on Saturday host, Jim.


30 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (11 March 2023)

  1. You were right, the yellow hellebores are very pretty, and I don’t see them often. As I have seen, snow has hit the UK apparently but not too much for you. Some other areas have been heavily covered. Result of some pretty pictures though.

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  2. That hellebore is certainly a nice shade of yellow, very cheery. 🌼 I think I probably need a clock in the garden too. I ask my chiden to put watch timer on for different food timings, and if I’m outside I hear the yells!

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  3. Can’t imagine how you accidentally added another lovely yellow Hellebore to your basket when getting a MD present for your mum! 😀 No point in kidding us on that it’ll be the last ‘mistake’ The year will be full of unplanned purchases (we’re all the same!).

    That’s a nice-looking outdoor clock you have there, you’ve given me an idea too since I have problems getting to my watch (too many sleeve layers) so I go for my phone in my pocket with grubby hands!

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    1. It’s tricky isn’t it with watches? Hopefully this will help, although in some ways you want to forget about what time it is when out in the garden.

      A few people have posted a pretty looking corydalis today which is very tempting. I must try and resist though, will power and all that!

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  4. I feel conflicted re the garden clock – it looks great and yes one is prone to losing track of time when gardening! On the other hand, losing track of time is perhaps a good thing in our frenetic scheduled modern lives (ok, except when you are supposed to prepare tea, I suppose…!) Hope spring gets going properly now, am a bit tired of the cold.

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  5. Like everyone else I admire the yellow hellebore and I have also made a vow to no online plants this year. I will support a local nursery for my patio plants. As for the clock, I actually like the way I fall into a time warp when in the garden, hours can pass by without notice. Which is why dinner is often very late in the summer!

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  6. Lovely Six. I know it’s unwelcome but the snow does look pretty in your photo. An outdoor clock is a very good idea. I now have a gardening watch (the cheapest Argos could supply) because I loose track of time too. I love the blue of that pulmonaria. It’s gorgeous.

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  7. Your new clock is very smart indeed, my back tells me when it is time to pack up the gardening tools for the day! Yellow hellebore is very pretty, it makes a nice change from all the pinks and white and yes, spring is on its way, despite the snow!

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  8. Your garden looks so pretty under snow! (Remember this comment is from one who is snow poor). I like the idea of an outside clock; we have to peer in through the window to check upon the time! It’s so much easier if the clock was outside!
    The Hellebores are a stunning colour, aren’t they. So bright and fresh looking. The daffodils are lovely too!

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  9. Lovely hellebore of course, and I too have been considering a clock in the garden. Still undecided I know that if it is too dark to garden, I better head inside. I have Mr S to call me in!

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