A Rhyming Six on Saturday (28 July 2018)

Another week has flown by, the garden’s bone dry, and for reasons unknown I’m now rhyming. With plants looking sick, it’s getting harder to pick a Six on Saturday that are visually pleasing. Still, the grass pollen’s diminished, my hay fever’s finished and I certainly won’t miss all the sneezing.

The lawn’s all crispy, the Weigela is too, and my mood, like the sky, has been a tad blue. But on the telly they’re forecasting a few days of rain which is great for us gardeners though for big ‘Blood Moon’ watchers a pain.

Yes I’m earnestly praying for rain showers aplenty as my two water butts have long since been empty. And so, filled with hope, here’s the first of my Six, it’s a self grown ‘Early Sunrise’ golden coreopsis…

And next we have an anonymous rose, a David Austin, I suppose.

It was moved in the spring to a shady bed, and there was a time when I feared that it may have been dead. But it has pulled through and is black spot free, and the scent, though quite faint, is still loverly!

After a tough day at work I was feeling quite down and drove all the way home with a rather deep frown. I pulled onto the drive, turned the engine off and sighed, then got out of my car and that’s when I spied this cheery yellow poppy growing by the front door. I smiled, things didn’t seem quite so bad anymore.

This penstemon is as tough as nails, despite the drought Laura never fails

And these Linaria Maroccana were grown from seed, free with that Garden News magazine.

They’re rather leggy and without a doubt probably all needed pinching out.

But get up close, for the flowers are small, you’ll find they’re exotic and quite colourful.

And finally we have these Tumbling Toms, that were green, so green, for oh so long. But not any more, they’re turning yellow, just take a look at these juicy fellows…

And here’s a red one, they’re ripening more slowly, but they’ll make a nice sauce for a tasty cannelloni.

Well that’s enough rhyming, it’s becoming a chore and the toast I’ve been eating’s gone and left crumbs on the floor. Want more Six on Saturday? Don’t leave it til later. Just head to the site of the great Propagator (https://thepropagatorblog.wordpress.com)


11 thoughts on “A Rhyming Six on Saturday (28 July 2018)

    1. Thanks. The gravel seems to be the best place for seedlings in our garden. The path has become a plant nursery of sorts.

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    1. Oh heck, now you’re rhyming
      With impeccable timing
      And it’s hard to stop once you start to get going
      But there’s gardening to be done
      So an end to this fun
      As I really must get on with some hoeing

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Well, the bar for SoS posts w/a twist is getting set quite high here. So inspiring, even your commenters are poets! For all that horrid drought, you’ve still got some good colour in the garden & your toms are looking really good. We shall look forward to that canelloni recipe in a week or so, eh?

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    1. Thanks! I think the tomoatoes may have to be supplemented with shop bought ones to make a sauce as some are taking a while to ripen and those that have been picked tend to get eaten!

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