Six on Saturday (14 March 2020)

I don’t know about anyone else but March seems to be racing by. Next weekend isn’t going to provide any opportunity for gardening so I’ll be cramming in as much as I can over the next two days, if the weather plays nice. Although the forecast isn’t looking very promising for tomorrow there’s a rumour that things are set to improve next week. I hope so. There are perennials to move, seedlings to pot on, lawns to edge and seeds to sow. Well, more seeds to sow, which leads me pretty sharpish to my first Six on Saturday…

1. Last Sunday I had a bit of a seed sowing marathon. Dahlias, Rudbeckia, Calendula, Cosmos, Zinnias, Pink Dandelions and African Foxgloves were sown in somewhat breezy conditions, one or two seeds taking flight. Some pots are now sat on window sills upstairs while others are in the mini greenhouse. I’ve already run out of space, which is a worry as I ordered a few more packets of this and that after perusing the Chiltern Seeds catalogue earlier in the week.

2. To the right of the mini greenhouse is the Winter Honeysuckle which has been flowering since December. Now the leaves are back the flowers are coming to an end. It’s been providing a source of nectar to some big bumble bees over the past few weeks and I’ve been inhaling the fragrant blooms each time I pass, making the most of them while I can. As soon as the flowers are no more I’m going to chop one big stem to the ground to help encourage some new growth. That’s the theory anyway.

3. The flower buds of the Daphne odora that featured a few weeks ago have opened. Photographing this was no mean feat as the border in which it’s planted is a clayey claggy mess. Growing near the small wildlife pond, it’s not in the most sensible place to appreciate the fragrant flowers but it was the only spot I could find. However, my mother-in-law’s large and ancient Daphne manages to fill her garden with scent so hopefully this one may do the same in years to come (I have made a solemn oath not to move it, so hopefully it will do okay).

4. Now the Viburnum carlesii ‘Compactum’ was planted in a much more sensible location right next to the blue shed where its fragrant white flowers can be easily enjoyed come April. The buds are swelling nicely and the new leaves are looking all fresh and spring-like.

5. I experienced Jet Fire envy last spring as it featured in a lot of SoSs. Bulbs were planted in the autumn, though the clump on the left was purchased in bud from the local Country Market shop. Initially I was slightly disappointed when the flowers opened as the trumpets didn’t seem very orange, but as the days have gone by the colour has deepened and the petals have done their sweepy-back-whooshy thing. More will be acquired come the autumn.

6. And finally… I planted a rose tree (Harlow Carr) and a small rose (Togmeister) in the patio bed in November. I’ve been pondering getting a scented climbing rose for the tiny bed behind the swing seat in an attempt to make this area a fragrant hotspot during the summer and last Sunday, after a bit of research, I ordered a yellow climber called Teasing Georgia. This package was waiting for me on Thursday.

She’s supposed to be happy in bit of shade, something a Passion flower currently growing in this spot appears to struggle with. Alas, I’m off to work this morning (most inconvenient) so bare-rooted Georgia will be plonked in a bucket of water to await my return in the afternoon. I just hope there’s enough room for me to move the swing seat out of the way; it wasn’t something I planned for when I dug up some of the patio last year.

They were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at


25 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (14 March 2020)

  1. The daphne looking very pretty. Hope you get to enjoy the scent. I planted honeysuckle closer to the house for the scent but I may regret it as it doesn’t have the neatest of growth.I’m starting my seed sowing properly now. The sweet peas and lupins have gone out and started verbena bonariensis inside. I’ve got an Aldi special mini-greenhouse to build then I can get going on a bit more.

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  2. Honeysuckle, Daphne and Viburnum – so much beautiful fragrance – the scent in your garden must be heavenly.

    I have Teasing Georgia in a shady spot. I does fairly well, though sometimes mine can be a bit sparse on foliage. However, the flowers are gorgeous! I think you’ll love it.

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    1. That’s good to know. I planted her this afternoon and very nearly did her in after I dropped the rotting hazel roof of the swing seat on her. There was an anguished “noooooo” followed by a sigh of relief when I realised all was well followed by cursing when I got a part of a thorn stuck in my finger while checking she was okay. The perils of gardening.


  3. I like the idea of that yellow rose, not to mention the name’s a hoot. I second Catherine’s thought about how wonderfully scented your garden must be. Schnozz envy coming right at you. Love that mini green house. Exactly what I need. So many seedlings, so little space.

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    1. It is very handy, though it’s located in a rather shady spot so things take a little longer to germinate than on a sunny window sill.

      The Korean Lilac is the most fragrant plant in the garden – its flowers fill the garden with scent come early summer for a week or two. The Jasmines thug like behaviour is temporarily forgiven when it flowers!

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  4. I must plant some more seeds and force myself to throw out the old ones that don’t work. First, I need to plant out the alliums but before that, I must weed the flowerbeds to make space for them. The soil is as near workable as clay soil gets just now…..un,ess it rains tonight. 🤔😬

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  5. I had to look up the Togmeister as I hadn’t heard of it and now feel a bit stupid that I didn’t realise it was named for Terry Wogan. The Jetfire daffodil looks great. I can see why it caught your eye last year. I don’t know the fragrance of the Viburnum carlessi so I will have to look out for one and give it a sniff.

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  6. So many seeds planted – top work! I am trying to do some every few days as I know that space is at a premium even in my commodious greenhouse. Can’t wait to see the flower power in your garden come the summer.

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