Six on Saturday (10 October 2020)

Well that was a rather wet and gloomy week. Last weekend was a complete washout and now that the nights are drawing in there’s not much time to potter in the garden after work. There’s still plenty to enjoy out there though and that leads me to my first Six on Saturday.

1. When the red leaves of this Morrisons Acer emerged in the spring I assumed they would turn green as the year went on as they were green when it was received as a gift last summer. They didn’t. The Acer is situated in a fairly shady spot and I wonder whether this might have something to do with it. Now that Autumn has arrived the foliage has turned a deeper flaming red.

2. This Aster of short stature was acquired in bud at the end of August. I smugly went to the shed to retrieve the label that I was so sure I’d placed in the ‘label pot.’ Could I find it? Could I heck as like. For some reason I wasn’t expecting purple flowers and I’m sure the label promised something else. I’m not wowed.

3. When I was rooting through the label pot I found the labels for the two Osteospermums that are planted in the front garden. I took some cuttings from the plants last month and, despite looking rather ropey initially, they’re now showing signs of new growth. I originally labelled them ‘dark red’ and ‘pink’ but now that I’ve found the original labels I’ll have to alter them to ‘Serenity Red‘ and ‘In The Pink.’

4. Next up we have Hesperantha. They were acquired at the end of July 2019 from my 80 something, whisky loving great aunt up in North Wales.

5. Ah, Violas. One of my favourite plants for adding some cheer during the winter months. I bought a few trays from The Plant Man in town the other weekend, one of which included this purple splotched beauty. As soon as I’ve emptied the summer pots and planted my tulip bulbs these will go on top. I may need to purchase some more soon.

6. And finally… another Zinnia. Despite my Zinnia seedling woes earlier in the year several have made it to flowerhood. Will I bother again next year? Of course I will.

They were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at


26 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (10 October 2020)

  1. Your Acer would be a favourite of mine if it had that colour leaf throughout the year. Isn’t it just glorious? You have reminded me that I too need to take cuttings of my Osteos, sometime between now and Autumn. They have become quite lanky too so need some cutting back. I think the shade of pink of the Hesperantha is lovely. It is not a plant I have come across before.
    I have to admire that ‘blotchy’ Viola! What beautiful markings. Over the past couple of years Violas have become my go to plant for adding a little bit of colour to the front of borders. They just seem to flower non-stop!
    Seeing your Zinnias has reminded me that I need to get cracking and sow some seed, or I will miss out on flowers!

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  2. What a pretty Zinnia. And I love the Hesperantha. I have never grown those, maybe time to try them. Like you, violas feature on my post this week, and like you I am going to need some more! 😁

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  3. I like your term ‘flowerhood’. The weather this year has played strange games with the rhythm of growth for sure. You will forever remember your aunt with such a stunning Hesperantha.

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  4. Your Acer is doing very well, do you still have it in a pot or did you find a spot in the garden for it?

    I like the Aster – I think it’s very pretty, and the Hesperantha is a cracker. But I’m envious of your Zinnia – I told myself I wouldn’t sow Zinnias again after the failure this year – but that one could make me change my mind.

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  5. You’ve started and finished with zinnia, a very wise move! I’ve never grown them, and despite many here mentioning that they are hard work, I’m planning to try them next year.
    Your North Wales aunt sure does grow a sturdy colourful plant!

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