Six on Saturday (8 May 2021)

Operation ‘harden off some of the plants grown from seed to create more space in the greenhouse’ (not a very catchy title) didn’t go quite to plan last week. Things started off well enough, but when the blustery winds and heavy rain arrived on Tuesday I was forced to take pity on the poor things and leave them indoors. And indoors they remained until Thursday when the whole process resumed once more. Today isn’t looking all that promising with more strong winds forecast. The persistent chilliness is becoming a little wearisome too. But enough weather whinging, ’tis time for Six on Saturday.

1. Planted back in 2019, Lilac ‘Belle de Nancy’ is looking mostly lovely at the moment, except for her rather bare branches. There are leaf buds all the way down the stems but many don’t seem to be doing much of anything. Perhaps it’s still early days and unfurlage of the heart-shaped leafy kind will ensue over the coming weeks.

2. I thought I’d dug up most of the Perennial Cornflowers in the front garden last year but there appear to be more than ever this spring. Don’t get me wrong, they’re lovely and the bees love the flowers, but they can take over a little. I read somewhere that the flowers smell of apricot jam. I must take a sniff sometime.

3. You may remember that I’d misplaced my ‘Blue Lagoon’ Tulips; the pots labelled as ‘Blue Lagoon’ turned out to be ‘Violet Beauty.’ However, I think I’ve found them in an unlabelled pot. What was that? They’re not very blue? Well no, I knew they were going to be more purple that blue. Sorry? They’re not very purple either? That’s what I thought. In fact, they don’t really match the images on the Hayloft website either. Hmm, perhaps they’re not Blue Lagoon after all.

4. Growing in the same pot as ‘Blue Lagoon’/’Not Blue Lagoon’ is the fragrant perennial Viola ‘Etain.’ This last featured in a SOS at the end of October 2020 and back then I said I was going to take cuttings. I haven’t but I must.

5. This little Aubrieta was planted right at the back of the sunny border, near the dwarf Eucalyptus tree, last year. It’s rather hidden away and only visible if you stand in one particular spot on the patio. Appreciating its purpley beauty up close isn’t easy without treading on this or tripping over that, so the old zoom was deployed to photograph these flowers.

6. And finally… Last year I finally succumbed to the charms of the Geum ‘Totally Tangerine.’ I ended up buying two plants; one an online purchase made during the first lockdown, the other, a much more substantial flowering plant from a garden centre. I’m assuming this is the garden centre one and it’s been in bloom for a few weeks now. I’ve added quite a few Geums to the garden over the past year but I think ‘Totally Tangerine’ might be my favourite.

They were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at


28 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (8 May 2021)

  1. The perennial cornflowers are beautiful – in particular the diamond fishnet stocking pattern of black on green. I also have a weakness for orange and peachy geums. Lovely selection.

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  2. It is a battle this time of year, don’t complain about moaning about the weather, it makes me feel much better about my own grumblings. Everyone’s Geum TT is further on than mine, still in bud here, I wonder why. Whatever the name and colour of the tulip, it is lovely. Have a good week.

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  3. I love your photo of the perennial cornflower with bumblebee, and am quite pleased to hear they take over slightly, as I have recently bought some and would be happy for them to do so! Geum TT looks lovely, again a nice combo with your light blue shed. I might seek it out as I’ve been so pleased with Geum Scarlet Tempest.

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  4. I think we all have the same operation at the moment, which means moving young plants that we are growing in the greenhouse to go outside to make room for the new ones! The increasing temperatures will help 😉 – I hope .
    Nice lilac colour !

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  5. I might be the only one without TT, must read up about its requirements, but then I will have to ditch something to make way for it. It looks fab against your painted garden summerhouse.

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  6. Ahhhh, lilac, I probably said before that we had a great big lilac tree in the front corner of our garden when I was very young and my sister and I used to have a little den behind it with this constant perfume accompanying our games. That cornflower is such a pretty cornflower blue. 🤭

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  7. The lilac is stunning, a shame we can’t smell it. It’s a pity that for most of the year it is pretty dull, but that’s true of a lot of spring flowering shrubs. The Aubrieta is the same colour as mine, a welcome splash of vibrant colour. My violas are not happy this year. I have bought several new plants, but they are not flowering at all. Think I’ll compost the lot and forget about them for a couple of years. Something is obviously wrong / eating them.

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    1. Most of my autumn violas snuffed it fairly early on in the winter. The lilac got moved at least twice last year so I’m hoping it will finally put down some proper roots and take off properly. I guess I could try growing a clematis up it to add some later interest.

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  8. What a cheerful little chappy that viola is. I think they’re great plants, and find them a bit tougher than pansies too.

    I think we may have seen the end of the cold weather. I can confirm that it is wet and windy outside, but actually fairly mild!

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  9. I like the vibrancy of the Aubrieta. I am looking for ground covers. I wonder if it can stand frost and drought? Your photo of the Geum TT is also beautiful. Geum has featured quite a bit this week, and why not? It’s a great plant.

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