Six on Saturday (25 June 2022)

Why does a week off work always fly by compared to a regular working week? An overnight stay at Lyme Regis and a day trip to Minehead hasn’t left much time for gardening. However, I did make a start planting the annuals one evening. Any half-hearted plans for a sort of colour-themed planting scheme have gone straight out the window after realising I’d forgotten to label everything at the potting on stage. Still, the usual multicoloured mish-mash approach tends to work fine most of the time, even when it comes to orange…

1. Although, I’m not totally convinced my first Six on Saturday is all that orange. Rosa ‘Simply the Best’ (a bold claim and apologies if anyone ends up with that song in their head all day) looks more yellow in reality, especially compared to the orange California poppy that has self seeded nearby. This is its second summer and it has yet to thrive, in fact the lower leaves are succumbing to black spot. I can’t help thinking I should have gone for a more obviously orange variety. It’s nice enough, don’t get me wrong, and fragrant… just not quite as fragrant as on the online descriptions led me to believe.

2. From subtle yellowy-orange/orangey-yellow to Penstemon ‘Garnet.’ There were a few Penstemon casualties over the winter and I foolishly didn’t bother to take any cuttings last year. This one is doing well though (and hopefully distracting one’s gaze from the washing in the background). I’ll be doing a spot of ‘Garnet’ cloning soon.

3. Now let’s cool things down a bit with Anemone leveillei. At least that’s what it’s supposed to be, but the flowers are lacking the blue pollen and are more pointy of petal than those shown on the websites of plant purveyors.

4. Another Rose up next. I don’t think I included ‘New Dawn’ last year, rather taking it for granted. A healthy climber that doesn’t seem to suffer from black spot, ‘New Dawn’ is doing particularly well this summer.

5. As is this Lily. For the third year running there’s been neither hide nor hair of a lily beetle. Weird.

6. And finally… California poppies. First sown almost 10 years ago, these have seeded themselves around the garden ever since. Most end up orange but there are a few yellow varieties here and there. They can get a bit sprawly, swamping nearby plants, but they usually recover after a chop. The flowers last several days indoors in a vase, closing up in the evenings and unfurling each morning.

They were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at


34 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (25 June 2022)

  1. Most of my lilies survived the lily beetle this year. I only found 3 to squash, I expect there were more that I didn’t see. Some of mine are in a pot which I completely re-did last after flowering last year. Perhaps it halted the lilt beetles a bit. Or the season wasn’t to their liking.
    I do like your orange rose -the colour works for me. I was looking at roses in the garden centre just yesterday with some girlfriends and we were struck by the orange ones and how vibrant they were.

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  2. I actually like the yellows/orange rose, and it’s seems a pity it is prone to black spot. The other rose, new dawn, is a lovely shade of pink. The Californian Poppies are such a vibrant orange! Such a pity I forgot to plant some this year.

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  3. I love the colour of P. Garnet. I had one in my garden in South London yonks ago and would like to get it back (my MIL took a cutting now growing well in her garden so it’s not so far fetched, just some smuggling required!). Lovely photo of the California poppies, all aflame.

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  4. I actually like the colour of that rose – a soft orange. And California poppies are a delight, not so many orange ones have returned this year, but several of the ivory ones have appeared. I’m all for natural self-seeding around the garden. My penstemon garnet has died too, though I do have a replacement grown on from cuttings a couple of years ago, it’s still not flowering though. I have decided to stop taking cuttings as I end up with so many pots and nowhere to put them. From now on if something dies then I will replace it if I like it, or buy something new.

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    1. I don’t recall the ivory coloured California poppy – I’ll have to look it up later. I tried growing a red variety from seed a few times but without success. I foolishly purchased some small white Penstemon plants last year and have struggled to figure out where to plant them today. Note to self – I have enough plants.

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  5. I think you’re being hard on the rose comparing it with Californian poppy, I can’t think of anything that would come out on top in such a contest. We seem to have come back to Penstemons after a long period of having none; had forgotten how good they are.

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  6. I’m interested to hear that rosa ‘New Dawn’ is a healthy one. I’ll put it on the list of ones to plant some day when I’ve forgotten that I’m not going to buy any more. Penstemon looks great and I wouldn’t have noticed the washing. I didn’t take any cuttings last year either but most of them seem to have struggled through.

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  7. I bought seeds of Californian poppies earlier this year but didn’t get round to sowing them. Will do better next year, they are cheerful. Meanwhile, if you just turned your camera around a little, we would have a perfect white background to your penstemon.

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  8. Such lovely flowers 👍💮🌸 Yes I also have to remind myself to take cuttings of much wanted plants. Love your roses and penstemon. I love the scent of New Dawn Rose and must plant one in my new garden.

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