Six on Saturday (7 September 2019)

I should probably be thinking about buying bulbs and deciding what should replace the allegedly-small-yet-in-reality-large Prunus cerasifera ‘Hessei’ tree if I chop it down later in the year. I should definitely be pulling up the zombie Sweet Peas, planting out the Sweet William and Foxglove seedlings and perhaps giving the outdoor shelves another coat of Danish oil. And yet I’m feeling rather unmotivated. With all the late colour in the garden I think I’ve been trying to convince myself that summer isn’t really over. Or perhaps I’m just an Astronomical Autumn kind of chap.

However, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the signs that the seasons are on the turn. The mornings are decidedly nippier, the sun is sitting lower in the sky, the days are getting shorter and the trees on the green are beginning to shed the odd leaf or three. It’s time to start planning for next year; and so I shall, at some point fairly soonish, though perhaps not just yet. Anyhow, on to my first SoS…

1. The Linaria purpurea (or purple toadflax) was accidentally introduced to the garden last year. It probably needs cutting back but the bees love it.

2. The Alyssum, which was chopped back several weeks ago, is now having a second flush of flowers. It’s provided really good ground cover and fingers are crossed that it will seed itself around a bit. I’m hoping bending down to enjoy the honey-like scent of the flowers will become easier now that I’ve started doing a spot of Yoga!

3. I can’t decide if I like this Oxalis or not. My mother-in-law gave us a few plants several years ago. When they’re looking all green and healthy with their bright pink flowers I’m a fan. But when they go through a sickly looking phase during the summer (and they always do) I consider getting shot of them. However, I fear this isn’t really an option; they’ve started popping up elsewhere in the border ever since I temporarily dug them up last August to make the curving path.

4. I’m assuming this is Anemone x hybrida ‘Honorine Jobert’. I prefer this to the pale pink variety, which for some reason has yet to flower. So far they’ve all behaved themselves and haven’t attempted to take over the garden. Unless they’re just biding their time.

The hoverflies rather like it.

5. Next up is Crocosmia ‘Jackanapes’. It wasn’t looking too clever earlier in the year yet seems to be doing alright now. It’s rather hidden away though and I may need to find it a new home in the spring.

6. And finally… The Caryopteris ‘Heavenly Blue’ used to live in the front garden but tended to get swamped by other plants and go unnoticed. Earlier in the year I moved it to the back garden, next to the path, and it’s doing a lot better.

Extremely popular with the bees, I’ve developed a new appreciation for the intricate blue flowers and the fragrant leaves that I can’t resist rubbing and sniffing as I walk by.

And they were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at


17 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (7 September 2019)

  1. Plenty of time left for bulb buying. I can wait for a bit more to die back so I can actually plant them.
    The Anemone is looking good. I planted one earlier in the year which is skulking down near the ground putting on a few leaves but not showing any sign of becoming the beasts there known to be.

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    1. Very true. However, I did some panic buying of bulbs in Wilko this morning when I noticed they’d reduced the gardening section to make room for the Halloween and Christmas stock **sighs**.


  2. Keep the Oxalis, definitely. I must get some. I am going to spend hours in the garden today after I have spent the first couple of hours writing, reading and replying to the Sixes-on-Saturday! Yes, motivation does vary, especially when you retire, procrastination can be justified…. almost. Surely you aren’t old enough to remember Safeway!!

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    1. Our Safeway became a Morrisons over 10 years ago I think. The Oxalis is looking good at the moment so it stays… for now!


  3. I discovered caryopteris last year and obviously I couldn’t resist so I added one in the garden.
    It’s been starting bloom recently (maybe a little bit ahead of yours) and I’ll introduce it next week.
    Your all white anemones are very beautiful and pure. One day, they will choose “to take off” and it will be difficult to contain them … but it’s so pretty!

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  4. I love ALL your six. But I have stopped making lists. Or at least adding to the ones I already have. Too many plants and not enough space and I am definitely going to reduce the number of pots next year. Fewer but better is my new motto.

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    1. I noticed the wild toadflax (Linaria vulgaris) is back in force in the front garden despite attempts to keep it in check. Pretty though.

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