Six on Saturday (28 November 2020)

I have ‘the’ Lurgy. My wife caught it at her workplace and I tested positive on Monday. Neither of us started off with the classic symptoms where they advise you get a test (a new and persistent cough, a high temperature or a loss of smell or taste). We both began with runny noses, slightly funny feeling throats (leading to the briefest cough every so often) and headaches; more like cold symptoms initially. My wife has completed her 10 days of self isolation and is feeling better. I’m getting there, I just have strangely painful eyes and feel achey. On Monday I wasn’t sure if the achiness was down to the Covid or from overdoing it in the back garden last weekend. And that leads me to my first SoS…

1. Bulb planting. It’s not a job I particularly enjoy and as usual I managed to slice through some of those planted last year.

2. On Sunday I started planting some of the tulips. I’m going to have to evict the sweet peas sooner rather than later as I’ve run out of pots.

3. Inevitably bulb planting resulted in moving the odd plant or two, including this young Sweet Box (possibly Sarcococca hookeriana ‘somethingorotherus.’) The parent plant was got shot of last year as it was getting too big and messy and had a tendency to sucker. This little fellow must have grown from some rooty remains lurking beneath the surface. It’s been relocated near the bird bath where its fragrance can be better appreciated early next year.

4. Talking of fragrance, the first of the Winter Honeysuckle flowers have started to open. Normally I would wax lyrical about the scent of these flowers. However, I can’t smell a thing. Both my wife and I lost our sense of smell around day 4 or 5 after testing positive. Trying to suss out if the milk is still okay to use is proving rather tricky!

5. Hopefully my sense of smell will have returned by the time the flowers of the Coronilla open.

6. And finally… in order to free up pots for tulips I finally got around to digging up some carrots that were sown way back when. They weren’t going to win any prizes.

They were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at Stay safe.


32 thoughts on “Six on Saturday (28 November 2020)

  1. Now, that’s not the best of news but perhaps, the good way to look at things is that you haven’t been dreadfully sick; no need for hospital etc which is a huge relief. I hope it passes along quickly and that you both return to your full health.

    Beautiful shrubs, which I adore. I love the fragrance of Sarcacocca and have a plant close to the back door and a few near the gate – people passing are often intrigued by the smell and, when they can’t see anything obviously in flower, are puzzled as to where it comes from. The same happens with an Azara – the smell of chocolate! The winter honeysuckle is another favourite and delicious and I miss the Coronilla. We used have one at the back door in a half barrel.

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  2. Oh sorry to hear that you and your wife have both caught Covid, even though your symptoms have been mild. Glad that your wife is fairly well recovered and hope that youโ€™ll be back to full health very soon.

    Thatโ€™s a nice little haul of bulbs you have there. Most of mine are planted now, but Iโ€™ve had to order more tulips – miscalculation.

    Hope your sense of smell turns quickly, you have quite a good number of fragrant plants in your garden and I know you’ll want to enjoy them. The winter honeysuckle flower is gorgeous, so you can still enjoy its beauty.

    As for your carrots – well, they brought a smile this morning. ๐Ÿ˜

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    1. Thanks. I came to the conclusion I’d ordered far too many tulips! I think some are going to have to go into the borders – I just hope I don’t end up digging up the bulbs I’ve already planted (I failed to mark where I’d planted them). The less said about the carrots the better!

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  3. So sorry to hear that you have caught ‘it’. But hopefully you will both be back to normal, with no long-term effects, fairly soon. And in time to smell the winter-flowering plants. Such a nice selection of early winter things, although I still am sad at the merest mention of a sarcococca. Went in early on in this garden because I love them. But didn’t thrive. Now I have more, damper, space yours is a reminder that I should try again. And I adore coronilla – looking forward to seeing your flowers!

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  4. Firstly may I wish you a speedy recovery. I hope you don’t feel too poorly.
    Love the carrots. Did you see my mini aubergine last week? Those shows with their prizes for giant veg have got it all wrong. Growing the smallest veg is where it’s at.

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  5. My 2nd try at commenting, the first one disappeared. I hope you feel better soon, reports from those I know have had it vary dramatically the intensity of symptoms. Your carrots are bigger than the last ones I tried to grow, I’m impressed and I bet they tasked good. Look after yourself.

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    1. Thank you. The symptoms do seem to vary wildly. I was feverish Monday night/Tuesday morning and my wife was asking me what day it was and whether I knew where I was to determine if I was confused (one of the more dangerous Covid symptoms apparently) – I passed the test but was slightly confused why she was asking such daft questions at 3am! I’m not sure I’ll bother sowing carrots again next year – I’ll stick with Sainsbury’s ready grown variety.


  6. Not good news this morning … my wife and one of my sons also caught it and they recovered
    Fingers crossed for the rest of the family now …
    I thought I had too small carrots but now I think you beat me!
    Good recovery

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  7. Sorry you are both poorly and you seem to have had similar symptoms to ours. When that sense of smell comes back it will hit you. I had been thinking of growing Coronilla, I think I ought to smell one in flower first, as sometimes smells give me migraines as with the Saracocca.

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  8. Oh NO! I do hope that you both recover soon and start feeling 100% again! Two family members in London got it back in April/May, and thankfully both recovered. Hope you both recover your sens of smell soon!
    Wow! You do have a lovely selection of bulbs, and by the looks of it planting them is going to keep you very busy! I love those miniature carrots!!

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  9. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery, including regaining that all important sense of smell for us gardeners. The bulb packets look so promising laid out like that, it’s just a pain having to plant them all! Very sweet carrots, I do like diminutive plants, there should be a miniature veg competition.

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  10. Well I hope you make a good recovery and no long lingering affects! And you get your sense of smell back. Not being able to detect a sour milk is most disconcerting! As for Sarcococca hookeriana – I bought one a couple of years ago, in a pot, and it died. They have the most delicious smell though so maybe I ought to try again. Unlike the winter honeysuckle which unless I stick my nose right into a flower (which is darn hard) I can’t detect any scent at all! And thanks for the carrots ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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  11. Oh dear, sorry you are both ill, do you have any idea where you got it? Hopefully very soon you will be back sniffing like a good ‘un. Looking forward to seeing all the bulbs flowering their little heads off in a few months time. Look after yourself (yourselves). ๐Ÿ™‚

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  12. I had those symptoms back in the last lockdown and thought it couldn’t be covid. No testing back then of course so who knows? Anyway I do hope you get better soon and get the last of your lovely selection of bulbs in. I too hate the job but I’m always glad I got it done. Best wishes.

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  13. Oh, that’s not good to hear! Glad that you both sound to be on the mend. My carrots ALWAYS look like that, which is why this year was my last trying to grow them!

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