Six on Saturday: frosty foliage (2 January 2021)

Before I had a garden I used to think January was a gloomy old month. Nowadays I feel a bit differently about it. Though there’s a while to go until spring arrives, there are early signs of hope as bulbs begin to poke up through the soil and the days gradually start to lengthen. There are winter flowering shrubs to appreciate, the antics of the birds to enjoy and beautiful frosty morns to marvel at. Talking of frosty morns…

1. Thursday and Friday dawned bright and sparkly, turning most of the evergreens into variegated versions of themselves. While the Daphne x transatlantica ‘Pink Fragrance’ hasn’t flowered anywhere near as prolifically as the white Eternal Fragrance, it’s starting to add some welcome structure to the border near the conservatory door.

2. The standard Viburnum tinus ‘Eve Price’ is also helping to provide some evergreen winter interest in a nearby border. It looks like there’ll be flowers soon too.

3. For reasons unknown I don’t think I featured a flowering Verbena in 2020. Madness. Still, it looks just as lovely with its frosted seedheads.

4. Before the frost I was struggling to think of six gardeny things and feared I may finally have to resort to a Box Balls SoS. But you’ve been spared that fate. Here’s a close up of one instead.

5. Next up, the prettified foliage of the patio rose ‘Violet Cloud’.

6. And finally… a Rudbeckia. Yes, it’s still going and looks very much like it has been sprinkled with sugar in this photo.

They were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at All the very best for 2021 everyone. Stay safe.


35 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: frosty foliage (2 January 2021)

  1. Yours was by far the prettiest SOS showing up in my WordPress Reader so far today. You have shown us that Rudbeckia before, it really is a stunner, and I am drawn to those warm colours – could you remind me of the variety? No frosts for us yet, I had to resort to seeds!

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  2. What an eye -catching photo of that frozen rudbeckia: it’s a success!
    Just like your other photos with a special mention to #1 ( and it’s true that these days, with humidity and night frosts, it gives good results in the morning pictures…)

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  3. What beautiful, frosted foliage in your pictures. We went for a walk this morning and although the paths were quite dangerously slippery, the frost wasn’t very noticeable. Have a good New Year and carry on enjoying your garden.

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  4. I LOVE your frosty photographs. The Daphne, Viburnum, Verbena, Box and Rose are all gracefully caught in time – but the star of the show is that glorious frosted Rudbeckia. That photo is a keeper Graeme.

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