Six on Saturday: Easter Weekend (3 April 2021)

Now that the clocks have gone forward there have been more opportunities to do a spot of gardening in the evening. A second sowing of seeds that failed the first time has been made (mostly Scabious and the usually easy to grow snap dragons). Dahlia tubers have been plonked in pots of compost (I’ve still got plenty of time to figure out just where I’ll plant them all). And the troublesome Escallonia hedge has been fed, watered and the dead bits pruned out. There’s still quite a bit to do, starting with some more seed sowing this afternoon and a spot of potting on before the weather turns decidedly chilly on Monday.

At the moment the garden is mostly filled with yellow and blues but there are other colours beginning to appear courtesy of the tulips, but more on those later.

1. First up is this pretty pale narcissus called Minnow. It didn’t do all that well last year, proving popular with the slimy plant assassins of the night. A lot more were planted in the autumn and they’ve faired much better this time.

2. A few weekends ago I tackled the Periwinkles that were taking over the shady bed. I doubt the Vinca has been totally vanquished and I suspect those that made it under the fence into the neighbour’s garden will return for a visit in the not so distant future. Still, the new Hellebores and the Pulmonaria have gone in, as has this forget-me-not like Navelwort, Omphalodes cappadocica ‘Cherry Ingram.’

3. While most of the blue Hyacinths have gone over, a few yellow ones have started to bloom. This is Hyacinth ‘Wilko Barginus.’

4. An old favourite up next. This double primrose was acquired from a work colleague over 15 years ago. It’s split most years and planted around the garden. Last spring someone on Twitter suggested it might be a variety called ‘Snow.’

5. When I first grew this unusual daffodil a few years ago I wasn’t sure I liked it initially. But ‘Tahiti’ soon grew on me and I tend to plant a few more each autumn.

6. And finally… The first of the tulips are in bloom; Single Early Prince Mixed. Other varieties are just starting to flower but I’ve exercised considerable restraint and limited myself to these. I can’t promise I’ll do so well next week.

They were my Six on Saturday. For more Sixes on Saturday, from all around the world, take a look at the site of the chap who started it all over at


41 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Easter Weekend (3 April 2021)

  1. Your garden is bursting forth with colour, One Man, and I do like your double white primrose- nice that you can divide it and plant it around the place.

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  2. I really like ‘Minnow’ (so does my better half, who was looking over my shoulder at the time). In fact, I like pretty much everything here! The double primrose is another highlight, if you were to force me to choose!

    Have you tried Hyacinth ‘Bee and Em’?

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  3. I like that Omphalodes. I grow a similar one, ‘Starry Eyes’ but must seek out the pure blue one. That primula might be ‘Dawn Ansell’ – it is very similar to one we grow here.

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  4. I adore Minnow too, but I’ll have to wait a while for mine. Really nice selection here, the navelwort is so sweet. Garden looking really pretty all round, and the swing seat is just asking to be sat on, with a nice cuppa in hand.

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  5. That is a lovely view of your garden with the yellow and blue flowers brightening things up. And wow, the tulips look amazing. I think Tahiti is really pretty with the layers of frills. The primrose is gorgeous too. Happy Easter to you!


  6. Six pretty lovelies and a nice view of a very neat and tidy garden! The double primrose is rather special. I have some Minnow and some Sundisc and although I think there is a slight difference I find it hard to tell! The dwarf narcissi are my favourites, they cope with the weather better I find, though the taller daffs seem to fare OK in the ground.

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  7. That’s a lovely arrangement of flowers! It looks like your garden is getting ready to really make the most of Spring.
    Have you come across any plants that you don’t remember planting, but have decided to keep?

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  8. The view of your curving path looks inviting with its mix of yellow, white and blue flowers. Snap on the Minnow, I see. I’m also very jealous of your double white primrose. They only had peculiar colours left in our local garden centre. Next year I’ll get one!

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  9. Love that double white primrose, a real beauty and a good cultivar seeing that it has kept so healthy over the years, and I agree frequent division is the key with this family mostly.

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  10. Morning Graeme – your garden is crammed with goodies and it’s good to hear you’ve been shoe-horning some evening gardening into your day. I am very taken with your double primrose – that’s a stunner for sure.

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